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Rangers Guild





Forest Guardian
Forest Guardian

Assistant Ranger
Assistant Ranger


High Ranger
High Ranger

Master Ranger
Master Ranger

The Rangers Guild is a new faction that the player can join. Membership provides many benefits and also initiates a series of quests.

General Information/History

The Rangers Guild exists to protect and maintain the forests of Cyrodiil, and to discreetly scout information along its borders, or wherever else the need may be great. It has been around for hundreds of years, but has only lately gained prominence, due in part to the Oblivion Crisis.


There are Rangers Guild halls in three cities, and you can sign up in any of them: Skingrad (talk to Moorswind), Leyawiin (talk to Falwin) or Chorrol (talk to Lihandril Farfields). Chorrol or Skingrad are the best places to sign up, as you can immediately get a task from Lihandril or Moorswind.


  • Once you are a member, almost any item in the various Rangers Guild halls are free to take without incurring a bounty for thievery.

Guild Halls

Initially only three cities host a branch of the Rangers Guild in its own Guild Hall. As you complete tasks for the guild, a fourth branch will open in Anvil:


Lihandril's Quests - Chorrol

Moorswind's Quests - Skingrad

  • Wood on the Waves: Find out why a shipment of wood bound for the Rangers Guild has gone missing.
  • New Recruits: Find and interview potential new recruits for the Guild.

Falwin's Quests - Leyawiin

Culumani's Quests - Anvil

Quest Rewards

Most Rangers Guild quests provide a levelled amount of gold and a one-point increase in Fame. The standard gold reward is as follows:

Level 1-4 5-9 10-14 15-19 20-25 26+
Gold 100 200 300 400 500 600


Rank Completed quests
RangersGuild0.png Associate Joined the Rangers Guild
RangersGuild1.png Apprentice Completed Sickness in the Arboretum or Wood on the Waves
RangersGuild2.png Journeyman Completed Sickness in the Arboretum, Wood on the Waves and New Recruits
RangersGuild3.png Field Watcher Completed A Growing Guild Expands and Archaeological Discovery
RangersGuild4.png Forest Guardian
RangersGuild5.png Assistant Ranger
RangersGuild6.png Ranger
RangersGuild7.png High Ranger
RangersGuild8.png Master Ranger


  • This is a list of all registered Rangers Guild members in Cyrodiil.
Anvil *
Anaril Associate
Culumani High Ranger
Eraamion Associate
Estirdar Associate
Imarume Associate
Emir Forest Guardian
Lihandril Farfields High Ranger
Tolland Assistant Ranger
Imperial City
Alfhed Journeyman
Rask'uhl Assistant Ranger
Vienele Assistant Ranger
Aghra Field Watcher
Falwin High Ranger
Glassclaw Ranger
Gorse Forest Guardian
Guildmaster Silverneck Master Ranger
Jordi Ranger
Tsava Assistant Ranger
Edrik Field Watcher
Meadowdark Ranger
Moorswind High Ranger
Rahaq Field Watcher

* The Anvil branch does not exist until the completion of A Growing Guild Expands and cannot be accessed until the completion of Making More Friends in the Guild.