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This is a wiki for Better Cities, a mod for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Better Cities can be downloaded from Nexus or from The Assimilation Lab, and the mod is still being actively updated with new content. The official forum thread can be found on Bethesda's Oblivion forum, and as of September 2015, the current thread link is here, however due to Bethesda locking any thread which passes 200 posts, you may need to skip to the final post to find a link to a newer current thread once this one gets too big.

This wiki contains spoilers, both for the original game Oblivion and for the mod Better Cities, as well as some other mods. It is designed in the style of the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages to make it easy to navigate for everybody who is used to visiting UESP. This also saves us from having to think of our own style so that we can get on with the more important task of filling in the information.

Better Cities is primarily a city overhaul mod, enhancing and expanding all cities from the original game (not counting the destroyed Kvatch). Many new buildings are added with new occupants to make the cities seem bigger, and there are also new quests available to encourage gamers to visit the new buildings and meet the additional citizens of Cyrodiil.

Mod Information

  • Items — Where to find specific items and their related attributes
  • People — Listing of all the named people in the mod
  • Places — Listing of all the changed or new places in the mod
  • Quests — All the quests upon which you can embark, venturing forth into the unknown

Tech Support

  • Readme — From version 6.0.0
  • BAIN Install — Install using Wrye Bash, recommended
  • Mod Organizer 2 Install — Install using Mod Organiser 2, recommended
  • OMOD Install — Install using TES Mod Manager (formerly called Oblivion Mod Manager, aka OBMM)
  • Manual Install — not recommended but available for those who want it
  • What Does Each File Do — Listing every ESM and ESP file in the main archive and explaining what it does and when it should or should not be used
  • Compatibility With Other Mods — A little info about which other mods ought to work with Better Cities
  • Console — Guide to Personalising Better Cities
  • FAQ — Some frequently asked questions which have long answers