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Better Cities includes several compatibility patches and replacer ESPs for popular mods which would otherwise not be compatible. See What Does Each File Do for details about what comes with Better Cities.

Texture Replacer mods are compatible with Better Cities. Obviously any BC-unique textures will not be replaced, but the majority of objects use textures from the original game.

Compatibility Patches Available Elsewhere

JQ - Azuras Coffee Shop (patch by Roxas116)
Unique Landscapes: Bravil Barrowfields, Cheydinhal Falls, Panther River, Skingrad Outskirts and Snowdale (patches by Vorians)
Patches for some mods which conflict with our file "Better Cities - Imperial Isle.esp" available here, created by Kad_Venku.

Compatibility patches made by mhahn123:
Alternate Start Town Lindum Patches
Black Cat Jewelry Store-Skingrad Outskirts Patches
Castle Highrock-Fighters Guild Quests Patch
Fighters Guild Quests
My Island Palace Patches
Settlements of Cyrodiil-Legion Outposts
Settlements of Cyrodiil-Regional Farms and Inns
Snowy Road to Bruma Patch Collection
Suliin Village
The Hesu Mod Collection
Topal Island Patches
Topals Deep
Trails of Cyrodiil Patch Collection (provides replacer version of Trails of Cyrodiil, use instead of the original version, no patches needed)

Already Compatible

These mods have either been reported fully compatible, or confirmed fully compatible by us. Note that some of these reports are several years old, there is a chance that they are no longer compatible:

Animated Window Lighting System (AWLS) (created compatible by Ismelda)
Anvil Morning Glory (created compatible by RGM)
Brew House (since v1.5.2)
Damarask (checked by Vorians)
Enhanced Daedric Invasion (checked by Bluepie)
FCOM (aka MMM, OOO, Fran & Warcry) (checked by Ismelda)
Gift of Kynareth (checked by Bluepie)
Halcyon Island with BC v5.5.0+ (checked by Vorians)
IC Bab - UFF Boutique (checked by Lyre)
Integration - The Stranded Light (checked by BG2408)
Jannix Quinn's Streams of Silver (checked by SheerShaw)
Kragenir's Death Quest (checked by Ysne)
Kvatch Rebuilt (checked by BC Team)
Lera and Pizz Hiyoko Store (checked by Greenwarden & IceMan80)
Modular Oblivion Enhanced Vampire Clan (checked by Bluepie)
Mr_Siika's Dwemer Technology : The Dwemer Subway with BC v5.5.0+ (checked by Vorians)
Myths & Legends (checked by Bluepie)
One Stop Armors v3+ (checked by Vorians)
Portrait Painter (Compatible esp created by Geniel)
Sentient Weapon II (checked by Ismelda)
Shipping in Cyrodiil (Compatible esp created by Lametrie)
Sinblood Vampire Haven (checked by Ismelda)
Stargate Network by AlexKnight1978 (created compatible via quest by AlexKnight1978)
Tamriel Immersion Experience (T.I.E.) 1.22+ (compatibility built in)
The Ayleid Steps (created compatible by Ervvyn with OBSE v0014a+ detection)
The Fight for Castle Ravenpride (checked by Vorians)
The Halls of the Phoenix Order (checked by Bluepie)
Thieves Arsenal (checked by Ismelda)


Artifacts of the Ancestors with Bravil only
IC Lighting Overhaul (checked by saebel)
Mart's Monster Mod - City Defences: but Better Cities includes the same feature already
Player House: with IC Market only (checked by 2Cold Scorpio-RGc1)
Xiamara's Silk Dragon Imports Store: with IC Market only (checked by rce wmj)