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Many new places and locations are added to the cities by Better Cities, as well as a few locations outside the cities. This page only lists some of the most interesting places of the region; the other places are listed on their own pages. In particular:

Also, the Places category provides an index of all places in the game.

Major Cities

The Imperial City — The capital city on the island in Lake Rumare. It is split into the following districts:
Anvil — City of Dibella on the Gold Coast in the southwest.
Bravil — City of Mara by Niben Bay, south of the Imperial City.
Bruma — City of Talos in the Jerall Mountains to the north, with a mainly Nord population.
Cheydinhal — City of Arkay at the Valus Mountains in the northeast, with a mainly Dunmer population.
Chorrol — City of Stendarr at the Colovian Highlands in the west.
Leyawiin — City of Zenithar in Blackwood far south, with a mainly Khajiit and Argonian population.
Skingrad — City of Julianos in the West Weald region.

Other New Locations

Ardan's Tomb - Tomb of King Ardan in the Niben Bay (quest-specific).
Blood Castle - A player-owned castle gained at the culmination of The Bloodscript quest trilogy.
Hall of the Forgotten King - Ruin southwest of Bravil (quest-specific).
Halls of Lôrn - Ruin far east of Bravil (quest-specific).
Halls of the Mephalists - Ruin located under Bravil (quest-specific).
Kemenare — Ayleid Ruin in the Jerall Mountains on the Skyrim border (quest-specific).
Marsh's Island - A small island in the Niben Bay where Marsh lives.
Padomeic Ocean — Ocean south of Tamriel. One small island can be visited here (quest-specific).
Temple of Namira - Ruin southwest of Bravil (quest-specific).
The Gap — A pirate haven somewhere out at sea, mentioned by a few people during conversation but not accessible.